Alcantara – Panel


Alcantara Panel is a single layer of material with stretch oriented along the width and bias.  The Stretch in this material makes it perfect for use on headliners and wrapping compound curves.  Its thin nature also allows for easy wrapping of interior trim without clearance issues upon reassembly.
Quantity ordered is total length in yards.

Width: 56inches (142cm)
Thickness: 0.83mm
Unit Weight: 285 grams per square meter
Composition: 68% polyester / 32% polyurethane

Flame retardant, complies with directive 95/28CE.

All Alcantara material is shipped directly from Europe via FedEx International and is NON RETURNABLE. Please allow up to three business days for your order to ship. 

Please use the FedEx international shipping method. Using the USPS 2-3 day option is more costly and will still ship FedEx 4-7 day. Unfortunately, there is no quicker way to ship Alcantara than 4-7 day FedEx. I haven’t found a way of removing the USPS option off the listing.



Popular color choices at Overland Designs are:

Deep Black  – 9040 (used as the black on 2010+ Subaru Seats)

Charcoal Black – 9002 (used in most Porsche applications and is a few shades lighter than black)

Dark Gray – 9052 – (used in 08 STi seats and armrest)

Signal Blue – 6408 (used in 02-07 STi and Audi S4 and uses an alternate name Nogaro Blue)

Red – 4996 (The color of choice for our signature series shift and handbrake boots)

Additional information

Color Choice

Amber Glow (1110), Aubergine (9036), Basalt (2938), Bright Nature (2909), Brombeer (9008), Caramel (1125), Charcoal Black (9002), Cobalt Blue (7586), Coco/Chocolate (2910), Dark Brown (9500), Dark Grey (9052), Deep Black (9040), Deep Blue (9980), Deep Green (6406), Emerald (9073), Hazelnut (2930), Helios (2984), Java (2974), Kaki (3322), Lemon Yellow (1452), Light Blue (4175), Lime Tree (1045), Mango (2969), Mint (2156), Moccasin (2940), Mouse Grey (2932), Mushroom (2901), Orion Grey (2934), Pearl White (2911), Pergament (1112), Pergament (2920), Pink Pearl (1510), Raw Amber (6833), Red (4996), Red Wine (9076), Royal Blue (9041), Ruby (2916), Rust (4097), Sand Gray (2942), Sand Rose (1108), Sienna (4914), Signal Blue (6408), Silver Gray (4978), Slate Gray (2957), Soft Green (1041), Tobago (9022)