STi Cup Holder Trim


Send in you factory trim to be wrapped in authentic Alcantara or choose to have one pre-wrapped so you can keep your stock parts.

Please choose from the many options below. If you don’t see your combination, please feel free to email us with your requests.



All pre-wrapped trims are made to order. Please allow 10-15 business days to complete and ship.

DCCD area can be shaved for the WRX users that need that area covered. We can also add in a Airlift V2 controller mount for the WRX Air-ride users. Or leave the DCCD area alone for the STi users.

Heated seat options can be left covered for those without heated seats, opened for STi users with heated seats or we can cut dual holes for WRX users who need to add their heated seat switches.

Purchases will only include the trim wrapping or trim and wrapping, no other items that are in the gallery images are included.

Additional information

Alcantara Color

Black, Dark Charcoal, Red, Blue

Purchasing Options

No, I will send in my trim for wrapping, Yes, I would like my trim pre-wrapped on a new trim

Additional Options

Airlift V2 Pod Mount, Shave DCCD area, Leave DCCD area as is

Heated Seat Buttons

Yes, add holes for WRX style buttons, Yes, knock out holes for STi Buttons, No, I don't have heated seats